Rachel Heart


Rachel Heart explores rhythm, lyrics and devotion to humanness as if she were the peace love child of Bob Dylan and Lucinda Williams. Heart opening songs blended with poems from a nature loving dreamer who has reconciled her duty to remain an idealist amidst a sometimes rocky path. You may resonate along with her as she generously delivers song after song filled with truth and tale. 


“Rachel Heart is the voice that comes off the fields and natural landscape of Southern Ontario and haunts Highway 6 The Mystic Highway. Beautiful and honest.” Tom Wilson, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Lee Harvey Osmond


Rachel has been performing for 20 years in the Ontario area, opening for Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Tom Wilson, Stephen Fearing, playing and sharing the stage with producer Bob Lanois, Lindy and many well-known recording artists. 


“Warrior” recorded in 2004 in Waterdown with Producer, Engineer, Bob Lanois, at the famous "Shack". Using complete 24 track analogue Studer recorder, on Kneave mixer and vintage mics. As the audience appreciates the unique relationship between Rachel and guitarist Will, they begin to realize a depth in musical flavor. A haunting, witchy feel leaves the listener wondering, how such powerful visions can be so vividly described in the medium of music. 


Filmed for cable on a show called The Songhaul 2005


Self-titled most recent release Rachel Heart recorded in 2010 will play in your head all day long. Rachel Heart’s rhythm and lyrics call right to your soul. You will share moments of cosmic clarity, and beauty beyond. Able to breath all day in the guitar landscape only to emerge changed- in a better world Heart expresses herself straight on with a truth you will recognize but with a style all her own. Will Macaulay offers a masterpiece with his guitar shapeshifting, lifting, pounding, heaving, and weaving notes and call backs. Heart is uplifted to new and exciting terrain a place where one feels welcome, energized and hopeful. Produced and engineered in Orcana Studio Hamilton by Trevor Titian. Trevor has produced and worked with several Canadian artists including beloved Sarah MacLachlan, Juno Award winning-Harrison Kennedy, Bill Dillon, ect. He has helped perpetuate the highly successful musical talent in Hamilton ON.


Nominated for a Hamilton Music Award in 2010 for Alternative Country award

Appeared on Ensemble a Cable 14 Hamilton Series with Juno Award winner Tomi Swick in 2015

Filmed for a Songwriters Series on Eastlink by Cultivate Music and aired to viewers in 2017 


Rachel Heart is currently working on her newest release with her band- The Grand expected in 2019. Listeners will enjoy a gentle rhythm to ride with the Dove as she goes out over the water to seek home and finds the courage in the truth and power of the Eagle. Like Pilgrims to the Horizon they adventure into the light and dark of our earth and the enrichment of the human embrace.  It will include beloved songs celebrating nature, relationship, community, love and connection. With titles like; Pilgrim, Your Earth, Transformed, Bouquet of You, Hope For You, Peace Time, Songbrother and more one can anticipate the landscape of sound soon to be realized. 


“An enrichment...

What a wonderful example of a profound musical mind. Rachel Heart brings us into her world, of promise and thought. One we don't want to leave.” Jordan Thomas

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